My name is Dick Jones and I own RJ Aerial Photo. If I sent you here or you found your way here, then enjoy the photos and thanks for visiting. I have been a pilot and a photographer for over 40 years and finally decided I should get some of the 200,000 pictures out there before they get trashed in case I die before my wife does and she starts housecleaning. What you will see is only a small amount of what I have. I started with 35mm, went to 2 1/4, then 4 X5, and now mostly digital. Some of the photos my wife Dodie, my brother Jim or my son-in-law Justin shot but I can claim that I pretty much trained them. My youngest daughter Diana has turned into an excellent photographer herself and you can see her work at http://danddmoments.smugmug.com. Come back often and visit both our sites as we will update them often... enjoy!